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I’m back from two weeks of traveling to Anchorage, Alaska, and the Aleutian islands for vacation, then to Sonoma, California, for a day job meeting. When skies were sunny, they looked like this:

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Richard Holbrooke's last words

Veteran US diplomat Richard Holbrooke died yesterday after being hospitalized and going into heart surgery to repair a torn aorta, and today the newspapers are full of eulogies and obituaries. But I’m interested in reports of what his last words were. According to the Washington Post: As Mr. Holbrooke was sedated for surgery, family members …

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Baby Sign Adventure

Managed to remember to teach the sign for “dog” today. Also invented a sign for “outside,” which I know is going to come back and haunt me — the boy poking one finger through the other hand’s closed fingers, over and over and over. But what the hell. And sometimes, we’ll want to be outside.

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Words End, Start

Whatever Twitter is for, it does (depending on whom you follow) create some interesting juxtapositions of themes. Today’s juxtaposition was language acquisition (this Perri Klass piece from the NYT about babbling) and language attrition (also from the NYT, a piece by Gina Kolata about correlations between memory decline and age of retirement, as well as …

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The Dream Job Project

Over at Design Observer, my Dream Job Project was recently launched. In this first post, I invited people to post the concrete aspects of the work they do or the work they want to do. Later I’m going to boil down this input into a set of parameters that would serve as the outlines of …

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Adventures in Baby Sign, Part 1

So our baby is 6 months old, and we’re about to start using baby sign language, which I view with some trepidation — oh, great, another language to stumble around in. On the other hand, kids don’t seem to develop very big repertoires of signs, so even though I’m sleep-deprived and distracted, I think I …

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The Baby's First Word, and Word is "ka"

I’ve been watching Iver’s phonological development closely and wondering what his first word will be, but after reading around in the child phonology literature, I realized that he already has a first word, and that we hear it every day. It’s “ka.” Children’s first words often aren’t like adult words; they’re called “nonsense words,” “protowords,” …

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