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Font God, font spirit?


Walking today along the Eastern Promenade’s lower trail, I stopped by the Yacht Services to show Iver (in my backpack) a boomtruck that was stacking floats, an autumn task. The kid loves wheels and trucks, and the older man and woman who had also been checking out the truck, loved the baby, made googly eyes, …

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Richard Holbrooke's last words

Veteran US diplomat Richard Holbrooke died yesterday after being hospitalized and going into heart surgery to repair a torn aorta, and today the newspapers are full of eulogies and obituaries. But I’m interested in reports of what his last words were. According to the Washington Post: As Mr. Holbrooke was sedated for surgery, family members …

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The Web Ended the "Linguistic Division of Labor"

Reading Richard Boyd’s 1979 essay, What is a metaphor a metaphor for?, where he says this: Experts play a crucial role in reference for theoretical terms (and relatively esoteric terms generally) precisely because it is they who provide nonpassive epistemic access to the referents of those terms. Which is a nonpassively esoteric way of saying …

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Also, unfortunately, the Globe & Mail designers had no way (or so they claimed) of representing the IPA symbol for “schwa,” so it ran with my note, “schwa,” in what should be a phonemic transcription of a Ket and ancestral Athabaskan word. Embarrassing.

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Our Fathers

On this blog I feel as if I’m mostly moving information around, which isn’t that satisfying to write, and it’s no fun to read, I admit. So I’m going to work harder to add some value to what I put here. But for right now, I wanted to pass on several Our Fathers written in …

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