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The Tattoo on the Back of My Hand

This is a passage from The Complaints of Khakheperre-Sonb, an ancient Egyptian text from the early 19th century B.C.E.

O that I had unknown phrases, sayings that are strange,

novel, untried words, free of repetition;

not transmitted sayings, spoken by the ancestors!

I wring out my body of what it holds in releasing all my words;

for what was said is repetition, when what was said is said.

Ancestor’s words are nothing to boast of,

they are found by those who come after.

Not one speaks who spoke, there speaks one who will speak,

may another find what he will speak!

Not a teller of tales after they happen, this has been done before;

nor a teller of what might be said, this is vain endeavor, it is lies,

and none will recall his name to others.

I say this in accord with what I have seen:

from the first generation to those who come after, they imitate what is past.

Would that I knew what others ignore, such as has not been repeated,

to say it and have my heart answer me, to inform it of my distress,

shift to it the load on my back, the matters that afflict me,

relate to it of what I suffer, and sigh ‘Ah’ with relief!

Take a moment to let sink in that an Egyptian 4000 years ago was praying for something new to say.